Sunday, November 8, 2009

Serious Training About to Start

October is one of my favorite months in the season. Genearlly it's a transition month and all I need to do is ride 4 or so times per week and I can do the Gimbles ride every weekend. Gimbles is a ride that started just after WWII from the old Gimbles parking lot in Yonkers and does a Tour of Westchester. It's the local ride I grew up on and to this day still one of my favorite things in the sport. It's a great chance to see friends and catch up with people that you don't see much during the season and of course do a little competing. It's a competitive ride and everybody knows everybody including what the tell tale signs are for each rider. It's like a poker game with the cards reversed. Not to mention that we all know every hole on the ride but innevetably somebody always hits the hole in Chappaqua hard eventhough its been there for 20 years.

Now the fun just for fun is almost over and this Wednesday night I'll fly to Salt Lake City to see Max and do the first baseline testing of the season. After that training will be structured and Gimbles will most likely be no more. That is until Max senses that I am getting a little burnt around the edges and tells me I can ride Gimbles again.

I'll make sure to do a post after the tests and put up some pictures as well.