Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First Tests of the New Season

Beginning of November usually means the start of a new season.  And with that there is a trip to Salt Lake City to do some testing with Max and find out where the fitness is.  October was a good month.  I rode consistently but didn't do much intensity just solid medium endurance work.  The trip was uneventful.  Delta hooked me up again which is always nice.  If only they did that on International flights that would be super duper.   The tests themselves went fairly well.  My weight is as low as its been in 10 years which is nice especially since its only November.  By the beginning of the season I should be hovering around 142-145 and hopefully that will make getting up the climbs easier.  Although I am not sure if it is actually ever easy.  Seeing Max and Carrie is always fun.  We discussed the upcoming year, races I should try to do, things I need to avoid and what sort of fitness I need to arrive at camp with so as to use it to build more form.  After the tests I had to go to our first team meeting for a week so that slowed down the training until now.  I'm starting two weeks later than I should and all of the traveling in the last week and lack of sleep is catching up to me.  Hopefully I won't get sick in the next few days.