Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First Tests of the New Season

Beginning of November usually means the start of a new season.  And with that there is a trip to Salt Lake City to do some testing with Max and find out where the fitness is.  October was a good month.  I rode consistently but didn't do much intensity just solid medium endurance work.  The trip was uneventful.  Delta hooked me up again which is always nice.  If only they did that on International flights that would be super duper.   The tests themselves went fairly well.  My weight is as low as its been in 10 years which is nice especially since its only November.  By the beginning of the season I should be hovering around 142-145 and hopefully that will make getting up the climbs easier.  Although I am not sure if it is actually ever easy.  Seeing Max and Carrie is always fun.  We discussed the upcoming year, races I should try to do, things I need to avoid and what sort of fitness I need to arrive at camp with so as to use it to build more form.  After the tests I had to go to our first team meeting for a week so that slowed down the training until now.  I'm starting two weeks later than I should and all of the traveling in the last week and lack of sleep is catching up to me.  Hopefully I won't get sick in the next few days.  

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I hate Not being funny

Seriously what is up with that?  Most of the time I think I am pretty funny.  I spend a whole week writing jokes and rehearsing them in front of the mirror and then on my weekly sales call watch as my delivery tanks.  Perhaps it has something to do with practicing my delivery in front of a mirror but actually delivering the jokes (soon to be pizza) over a conference line.  My partner in crime Zack usually saves the day with actually quite funny jokes made up on the spot.  Don't you hate talent?  I know I do.  The ladies in Emmaus don't say anything which I take as "my God did he really say that" or is it "Mein Got wienershcnitzel, wienerschintzel". I've got a guy in Chicago whom I mail $20 bucks per week to laugh at the jokes and then a guy in NY who just shakes his head right in front of me.  I'm sure that the wootmeister in LA is paying the NY guy just to destabilize me.  Then there's Jack.  Jack is a famous musician (no he really is) and we just tell Jack to jump on the scale in our conference room at the start of each meeting.  Most people are utterly confused by this but I find it quite funny which is the point isn't it.  The scale mysteriously disappeared last week and I am convinced that HR had something to do with that.  I think I forgot my contribution to the United Way this year and I certainly didn't donate any blood.  I need that blood and who knows whose going to use it.  

I know this entire entry was quite pointless but I thought about it when I read somebody who is quite funny and its really annoying.  Without further ado the hilarious Ted King and his latest blog entry

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Serious Training About to Start

October is one of my favorite months in the season. Genearlly it's a transition month and all I need to do is ride 4 or so times per week and I can do the Gimbles ride every weekend. Gimbles is a ride that started just after WWII from the old Gimbles parking lot in Yonkers and does a Tour of Westchester. It's the local ride I grew up on and to this day still one of my favorite things in the sport. It's a great chance to see friends and catch up with people that you don't see much during the season and of course do a little competing. It's a competitive ride and everybody knows everybody including what the tell tale signs are for each rider. It's like a poker game with the cards reversed. Not to mention that we all know every hole on the ride but innevetably somebody always hits the hole in Chappaqua hard eventhough its been there for 20 years.

Now the fun just for fun is almost over and this Wednesday night I'll fly to Salt Lake City to see Max and do the first baseline testing of the season. After that training will be structured and Gimbles will most likely be no more. That is until Max senses that I am getting a little burnt around the edges and tells me I can ride Gimbles again.

I'll make sure to do a post after the tests and put up some pictures as well.