Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Things Happen When you Commute by Bicycle

Ah so apparently Spring Break in the toddler class is two days so I got to ride my bike again to work today. A good day indeed. And I got an added bonus this morning. As I was riding up Lafayette Street I noticed a little store called Kauffman Shoe Repair Supplies where you can find these babies:
What are they you ask? Well for those of you who are more cerebral inclined you probably have made the assumption that they are something for shoes. You would be correct in making such an assumption. These bad boys are for the tips of men's (or ladies) shoes and a good friend of mine in Siena, Italy who makes custom made shoes can't get them. Until a few years ago I was finding them in midtown west but then that supply store closed so luckily this morning as I'm whisteling my way to work I spot Kauffman Shoe Repair Supplies. Twelve boxes of 50 each on their way to Italy as we speak. Commute to work and good things happen. Well unless you get runover by a cab or something like that.