Sunday, March 1, 2009

Merced Done - Didn't Crash

It was a hectic weekend with plenty of crashes as usual at the Merced races.  Fortunately neither myself nor any of my teammates bit the dust.  I didn't feel all that hot this weekend but finished both days respectably and Andy Jacques-Maynes managed a 3rd in the 200 Km road race after riging a break for a good part of the race.  We represented strong with Ben in the moves as well as Paul Mach, Sheldon Deeny and Coday "Neil" O'Reilly.  I followed some moves but nothing stuck which was just as good since I didn't think I'd be able to contribute to much.  Did the last two laps with cramps and was just happy to get accross the line happy and do a little bit for the team.  Now I'm eating my customary recovery meal at In N Out Burger.  When in Cali!  Tonight Red Eye home.  Tomorrow work after hopefully making ithome in time to take the little guy to school.  Miss him more and more on these trips.