Sunday, March 29, 2009

Battle of the breakfasts

I have a weakness for food. Sure I've written about it and you don't come here for those writings but writing about races is boring and this is easier. Besides one of my favorite bloggers, no correction - one of my favorite people in this universe is Ted King of the Cervelo Test team and he never writes about racing. He writes about all sort of strange things and manages to be funny quite often and I, well I am just trying to match his wit. I'll get you Ted King.

Anyhoot back to the breakfast question. I love breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day right after lunch and dinner. I should be eating healthy Kashi cereal in the morning but Liam is usually late for school and we run out the door every morning hoping to get him to school within 15 minutes of when he is suppose to be there. For those of you who are about to accuse me of being an irresponsible parent he's only three so I am not sure that it actually qualifies as school. Off subject again sorry.

Oh yeah breakfast. You might recall an earlier blog entry titled I just want to eat, in it I wrote about some of my favorite breakfast places. Now I expand and will include some photos so that you the reader (mom, dad and Jason) can vote on what you think is the best. Drum roll paalleeaasee -
A few years ago while I was still at Esquire I discovered a great little place (literally it's tiny) on sixth avenue that served a real espresso. I was blown away by how well they made espresso and cappuccinos (and no I never ordered one after 11:00 a.m.). It's name is Zibetto's and it's on 6th Avenue near 56th Street. Be careful because you will walk right by it since it's tiny. I've recommended a ton of people there. Unfortunately when I moved to my current job across town it became rather inconvenient to go to Zibetto's. So imagine my surprise when I was walking back to the subway one day after dropping Liam off at school to discover a Zibetto's under construction on Fulton street. It took a few weeks but it finally opened and when I am not running too late I stop in for a cappuccino (never after 11:00 a.m. of course) and a brioche. Here is example number #1:
Near the office is Cafe Macchiato. It's the place I go to the most for breakfast and lunch. The staff is awesome and the owner Tal is a great guy. Most of the time I manage to stay away from the chocolate chip cookies which are honestly the best I've ever had but sooo baaddd for my girlish figure. For breakfast go with the toasted ciabatta with butter and some strawberry jam if your feeling freaky. Example #2:
And last but not least there is my man on 3rd. He's got real Portuguese roll (even though I am sure he's not Portuguese) and saves one for me each morning. If I have a particularly tough day or am feeling just a tad blue (shocker) I go to my man on 3rd. $2.50 and he sets me straight. Portuguese roll with real butter and coffee, milk and lots of sugar. Nanna doesn't approve but every once in a while its good for me. Example #3: