Saturday, January 31, 2009

Team Camp

Ah yes team camp time again. So different than last year. No longer one of the new guys, still not one of the good guys and I get to make a little fun of myself and a lot of fun of everyone else. The first three days Burke and I tried not to get everybody sick so we hate by ourselves and pretty much were miserable trying to get over this cold. We had team pictures taken and other photo shoots. Innevetably we had to do a little riding and even if it was just 45 minutes easy back to Santa Rosa from the shoot some anxious obnoxious person would always have to jam it up a hill but still act like they were going easy. Not fun when your sick. I'm taking notes and there will be hell to pay later when I'm better. Not in the way that I will actually hurt somebody on the bike but, but I will hurt somebody period. You know who you are stop pretending.