Monday, January 19, 2009

Legs up on MLK

Laying in my bed with my legs up waiting for the first stage. All the stages are afternoon starts so the mornings are free which is nice. Yesterday was the team presentations in the town square and there were a few thousand people there. The cycling culture in Argentina is amazing. Cars pass and they beep (and not the NY angry beeps) and take pictures. At the presentation people were taking pictures with cyclists everywhere and it didn't matter if you were famous or not. I got pulled for a radio interview and the only pre-requisite seemed to be that I spoke spanish. So far its been a great experience. Let's see how stage 1 goes. Thanks to everybody for the encouragement and comments. My goals here are modest for sure. First

help the team as much as I can and second get to the finish. Here is the photo of the photographer who was taking my picture. Funny eh.