Friday, December 19, 2008

Sitting on plane heading to Camp #2

There was a huge storm in New York today and the flight was suppose to take off at 6:30 and right now its 9:45 and were still in the plane.  Tiiu is entertaining Liam whose already done 2 puzzles and sang about 5 songs.  Right now its Bob the builder.  I've finished the Times and just realized that I could test the mobile blogging feature on my blog.  Screw twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, Lance just said on his twitter page that they flew some guy from Germany to test him in Texas.  That's gotta be expensive.  I realized that I hadn't sent my whereabouts forms in to the UCI for the next two weeks of camp #2.  Then I realized (can you realize a realization?) That I'm not in the whereabouts system and despite the fact that I keep telling the UCI, USA Cycling, The Portuese Cycling Federation and the NYPD that they really should be testing me on a regular basis nobody seems to be listening.  I mean what does a guy have to do to get some surprise testings going.  Since that hasn't worked I've invoked my wife in my own anti-doping testing system (its not governed by anybody) and my wife now does surprise dope tests on me.  I have to keep a whereabouts system (calendar in the back of the wine closet) updated and she's even gotten me a GPS enabled phone to make sure she knows where I am at all times.  I've been tested 5 times in the past three weeks and on two occasions it was in the middle of the night.  Both times I got an elbow to the ribs and she said "wake up and go pee in the cup". Damm it.  I had to do early morning rides on both days.  I am happy to report that 4 out of 5 tests came back negative and one test was positive for excess cholestorol although I am sure the Pepe's Oso Bucco had something to do with that.  I was immediately handed a two week no eating at La Maseria sentence and its been rough. 

So I'm heading for Southern California for two weeks and two 25 Hour riding weeks.  That should be fun.  If anybody finds themselves in the LA area come out for a ride.  I'll finish at Pete's Coffee on Montana for a coffee and cookie.

See who needs twitter when you've got blogger.  Thanks Google guys.