Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Liam and Daddy's Adventure in Beverly Hills

So Tiiu is out with the girls tonight and I decided to take Liam on an adventure.  First we bought a little Christmas Tree with mom and then we went out.  I asked Liam if he wanted to go see Santa and he said no.  "Well where do you want to go" I asked.  "The restaurant" he said.  There is something seriously wrong that he associates food with a restaurant but that's my fault.  At least he likes eating.  We settled on Pasta.  Actually he settled on pasta since I'm sure Nanna had something else planned for me. 
Since I don't know LA that well I just put Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills on my Garmin.  There's probably an Italian restaurant there.  And bingo we get to Rodeo and I hit Places of Interest on the Garmin, restaurants and then Italian restaurants and bingo we end up at Il Fornaio.  We get a table in the back Liam orderes the penne bolognese (damm the kid knows how to order) - now its not pepe's but here what I learned tonight.  When your feeding them and with abundant choices of how many pieces of penne on a plate they actually start asking for individual pieces as in "this piece daddy".

After this were going to see if we can find a Santa who is not drunk.

Oh yeah training is going well.  16 hours in the last 4 days and all fairly hard. 

Gosh I love this mobile blogigng.  I'm doing it from the restaurant.  Damm where's Liam...