Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some Photos from Europe

I'll download some more photos from my European trip when I am home including an interesting one with the man knows as the Tashkent Terror. Certain unnamed cycling magazines have been publishing stories about how difficult it is to find him and how he won't talk to anybody. Blah blah blah. I don't know what the big deal is. He wasn't that hard to find.

So I tought I'd share the photos of my new bike for 09 and of a certain place where they make custom cycling shoes, including the wall of boxes of the various folks they make them for under all sorts of different brands.

Here is a photo after the frame was assembled and painted but pre-decals. a guy named Giancarlo painted the frame. He's been at Pinarello since 1977.

Valverde might be the Prince of Spain but there is only one Princess of Portugal.

Assembled by the master Piero and checked by the Grand Master Borgetto to make sure it was up to my dimensions on file. Piero has been at Pinarello since 1978 and Borgo since 1974.

Ah the last file. Probably hard to read the names but let's just say that everybody is there including a certain American who's actual foot mold I held. Hmm smaller than I tought.

And of course the most important box. The funny thing is that I've known Chantal Beltman since 1993. We got into some trouble together after the worlds in Australia in 1993. A certain Dutch coach still doesn't talk to me to this day and after that incident my contract with the Eddy Merckx Boys simply disappeared. Hmmm what could have been.