Monday, December 15, 2008

3 Incredible Photos

Look I am just not that funny.  I know it, you know it.  My blog isn't going to be read because it cracks people up.  Teddy King is funny, Richard Pryor is funny, Rodney Dangerfield now that's funny.  Joao Correia - just a funny name.  So I have to go out of my way and do some serious investigative journalism in order to grab attention and as everybody knows I suffer from low self esteem.  Basically I'm the Holland of self esteem (hey that might be funny)...  So here are three photos worth your while.  Although they are not funny.

I was late yet again and for the second time he was not amused.   We had a really nice lunch and two bottles of wine later I'm busting his nuts again when he said racing was hard.  Come on Eddy racing was hard but not for you, it was hard for the poor schleps who had to ride after you or on your wheel.  Yes he's just a man but damm is he a great man.  Greatest cyclist ever ladies and gentleman Eddy Merckx

OK so you have all heard of the Prince of Spain bike that Alejandro Valverde was touting after winning the Spanish National Championships this summer.  He was at the Tour won a stage or two or three something like that.  Well allow me to present to you the Princess of Portugal.  Everybody knows that princesses have all the fun.  Fausto Pinarello presenting me with my 09 bike.  It's not a great picture but there it is.

And last but not least and as promised.  You may all remember the famous Champs Elysees sprint.  The right veer and then collision into the barriers.  Ouch.  But the man was tough and he was fast.  Lovely guy in person as well.  And no he does not veer right when he walks.   Here is Djamalodin Abdujaparov and Ernesto Colnago.  

Like I said I'm not very funny but try beating that Teddy King...