Friday, November 14, 2008


OK this is ridiculous. I really just think about food all the time. I'm not hungry all the time but I think of food all the time. I get up in the morning take Liam to school then go to Cafe Macchiato for a quick latte. What I really want is the damm ciabata toasted with butter as well. So I sip my latte and read the paper quickly and then walk to the Northwest corner of 48th Street and Third Avenue where there is probably the best fruit guy in the city. Don't get me wrong he has the best fruit and makes the best juices but what I really want is my portuguese roll with butter and coffee with sugar from the street guy on the Northeast corner of 47th Street. I have to walk past him and then walk back and not go to him. And he always saves me the last portuguese roll since he knows how much I love them. Out of guilt today I went there to get the roll and pay for the other 4 that I know he saved for me througout the week. But I only do that out of guilt.

By the time lunch rolls around its off to the Hale and Hearthy Soup to have a nice salad and a bowl of soup. Look nothing wrong with the salad or the soup. They are delicious. But seriously I'm next to Sparks, Smith & Wollensky and Patroon's. I mean can't I just have a stake, a baked potato and a bottle of wine for lunch. Is that too much to ask for. Timy at Smith's even complains that he hardly sees me anymore. The other day I actually had to wait for a seat at the bar. I've lost my place at the place. It's like falling out of a buddy's spee dial list. Relegated.

Don't get me started on dinner. Jason Nikic one of my New York colleagues texts me the other day from Roberto's in the Bronx asking me if I wanted the Burata. Do I want the burata? What the f*$# do I really need to hear this. Roberto's is the genius of NYC Italian restaurants in Little Italy in the Bronx. I started going there with my college buddies back at Fordham. I've had many, many wonderful dinners there. But what I really want is to leave work, walk accross town to get a little exercise in and wake up the stomach juices and go to Pepe's. La Maseria on 48th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue. Pino plays the symphony with the dishes. I just sit down and he starts throwing them out. Pepe and Enzo fight over which bottle to get me and I just eat course after course of delicious food. A little mixed sea plate, a small dish of pasta or two, a fish plate and perhaps the rabbit to finish it all off. But no I go home after training and have a small dose of a healthy meal that our kind nanny Charlene has prepared for us. It tastes good but its not the indulgence I am looking for.

Yesterday I was driving home and talking to Nanna my nutritionist and I drove by Grimaldis's Pizza on Old Fulton Street. I really just wanted to stop and have a pie (yes a whole pie) with mushroom and peperoni. My favorite. There wasn't even a line when I drove by. It's like they do this to temp me more. Normally the line is 30 minutes long for the brick oven pizza. Damm it. It's not fair.

So the first week of training is almost behind me. Today I went out to do some hill repeats on river road and it was raining the whole time. And I forgot my rain jacket. By the last repeat it was pitch dark and I could hardly see the powermeter. After the last repeat I hooked it back to the city hoping not to get mowed down by a car. Came close a few times but like that guy said. Lights are for sissy's. It only let's the enemy know where you are. I finished off in the park with a few light intervals and then went back to the office to check my inbox and send out some e-mails. Finally home by 9 where Liam was still up. Dinner (don't ask), a little blog entry after watching a little of Sabrina. One of Harrison Ford's best and now to bed. Pardon the ranting but I am trying to do these a little more often.

If anybody is up for Gimbles (and who wouldn't be) this weekend see you on Sunday. For you newcomers here are the rules. Tempo up the first set of climbs off of 22, right turn at the gas station in armonk and watch the lights. Tempo to hard until the second set of climbs where it will be all together to the top. Back to 22 and more climbs. Again all together to the top. Now some of you may want to get frisky and go ahead of the group. Not a good idea. It pisses people off and ruins my week so if you do. I will bring you back and I won't be happy about it. After the climbs its a free for all to the finish line and everybody knows that real man attack on the flats.