Monday, November 3, 2008

Camp Twinlakes Wrap Up

Thank you all for donating. I was really touched by the amount of people who donated including some of my teammates. OK so I had to step on some necks but most of you did it willingly and for those of you who needed coercing or in some cases bodily harm. Hey your still an all-star in my book. Besides physical scars heal but what you've done with your donations will last a lifetime in my heart. All in all you guys over matched my contribution so it looks like I need to go make some more money. The total came to nearly $12,000 which is a great contribution to a great cause. Thank you.

A special shout out to my boy Mike Kaeske. Mike came up with the most genius scheme. He made me go out and do a 3 minute interval and send him the file. He promised $3 per watt. Mike thanks for the $1,300 buddy.

Last weekend I went to Camp Twin Lakes for its annual charity ride with one of my colleagues Jason Nikic (thanks for driving man) and Saul Raisin. It was a great day of riding where we got lost, got chased by a bunch of dogs, almost died on a plank bridge and thanks to Saul's Garmin made it back to the camp in amazingly the same amount of distance we were suppose to ride. One of the highlights for me was meeting up after about 10 years with Charlie Seward an old friend of mine who is now living near Atlanta. I met Charlie back in the late eighties when I came to the US and I still remember him motor pacing at SUNY Purchase with his then girlfriend/now wife. Anyways Charlie somehow bumped into this blog a few months ago and we reconnected. Oh the power of the Internet. Charlie has a young daughter who is now a very good competitive swimmer and we reminisced about SUNY Purchase and of course Gimbles where Charlie and a bunch of other folks like the Whalens, Jeff Knisley, Chris Lambiase and a bunch of others used to shelter me when I was around 13, so that I wouldn't get dropped. Come to think of it I think that as soon as I could ride away I re-paid them by dropping them. Not very nice. Any hoots.

The experience at the camp was incredible. I got a tour of the property and its absolutely amazing. It's huge and its got multiple lakes, woods, a garden, a pool and lots of cabins with great looking mailboxes. On my Tour one of the campers came along and it turns out he's the kid in the poster for the ride. His name is Madison and he's been going to camp for a few years. The folks at the camp gave me the star treatment and I was a little embarrassed as I am lining up to real pro's like Cesare Grajales and Phil Southland. I'm sure they are still asking themselves who the hell was that guy.