Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm baaaccckkkk

Hello sports fans. After an unbelivable number of requests (2 to be exact) I am back on the blog to update everybody on what has been going on. Let's see last time I was getting my ass kicked somewhere, I believe that was in early July. Wow that's a month ago. Happy to report that the ass kicking continues and I am now neck and neck for the inter-team competition of Bissell's most consistent rider this year. The latest was my getting dropped yesterday at the local Tokeneke road race. The boys from Targetraining set a furious pace up the climb to the finish and I wasn't able to hang on. Wow. At some point I remember looking down to see if anything was rubbing on my bike. Sad to say nothing. Although I am pretty sure that I got the hell out of there in my car in record time.

This past Friday the Bicycling Magazine corporate team lit up the T-Town velodrome and we won the annual corporate challenge after a few last minute decisions on who could actually ride. Every year we say next year were really going to prepare for this thing and go down to T-Town to do the practices so that were smooth on race day and every year about 5 days before we enter into panic mode because all of a sudden we have no track bikes and nobody wants to ride or has something better to do. This year was no exception. Luckily Zack Grice came to the rescue with his amazing organizational skills before going to the beach on race day. The corporate challenge is an Italian Pursuit with six riders (two of which have to be women) and every lap a rider peals off until there is only one on the track from each team. The two fastest teams advance to the final and the next two fight out for Bronze. Our team was Jasen Thorpe, Tom Cromie, Kate Veronneau, Christine Mattheis, Jason Nikic and myself. We had the second fastest time and then in the final we smoked the defending champs despite the fact that they had a ringer. It was a lot of fun.

Tight is what I am thinking of as we look at the awesome formation that is Bicycling Magazine
No the photo is not blurry and I am that fast. Bringing it home on the last lap of the finals.
Liam loves the camera. Daddy was getting interviewed by the local TV station but the little guy did the interview
The final score board
Oh how sweet is is to pop the champagne. After all these year still got it. Managed to spray everybody within 50 feet and Team Rodale in third place
Everybody had to wear the special Correia socks with the Portuguese flag - being the boss has its perks after all

But all kiding aside things have been good for the past few weeks. I am just coming off a much needed week of rest where I didn't touch the bike at all for an entire week. My wife got to see what it was like to have me home every night and my son even started calling me daddy again which was nice.