Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Philly Week

A quick post from the host house about yesterday's race. Oh was that tough. My job was to get in the early breaks. I sort of did that. Well not really. Technically I am not sure that 4 seconds up the road for 20 seconds with 10 other guys is considered a break. Especially when I saw the Liquigas guy come up wait for him and then suck the hell out of his wheel to the move. It was quickly broken apart and I was back in the pack suffering like hell to recover for the next 2 laps. My legs weren't great but the race was super fast. Stretched out the whole time. And I was counting laps down from the start as I know most guys were. I knew I wasn't the only one when I saw a CSC and a Liguigas guy get popped. I made it into the last lap and then got dropped myself with 10 other guys. In the last 10Km we lost 8 minutes and it was super frustrating to get to the finish 8 minutes behind the winner and the road was already barickated. Hence the DNF. I finished damm it. Tomorrow is another day and I am hoping for better legs.