Monday, May 5, 2008

Stop the Presses

Before you all read it in the sports section of the New York Times tomorrow, or a major news organization like I wanted my fan base to know it from me first. Yes the NRC rankings are now updated after this weekends races and I am ranked officialy. Wait for it, wait for it. Yes 100th position with 5 points. That is only 287 points away from Burke Swindelhurst the original Kazee Soza from Bissel who is leading the series in front of Santiago Botero some guy from Colombia. Now I am still going to be the same person don't worry, I won't let the success get to my head. If my name only started with an A I'd be in 97th place. Instead I have Jonhy Clarke, Fabio Calabria and Jorge Alvarado in front of me. I am especially upset about Johny since I bought that little bastard dinner a few weeks ago. Of course I have eight of my bissell teammates in front of me but Jeremy and Scottie are only 5 and 11 points in front and I have them in my sights. That's right boys watch your asses because its going to get rough out there.

This weekend was Sunny King Criterum and Roswell. Saturday at Sunny King I was pretty much useless to the team. Richard "but I love Kate" England (recent Tour of Georgia stage winner), Scott "goofy left foot" Zwizanski, Garret "I get as much ass as any man can" Peltonen and Ted "I'm tall and I can climb" King and I were representing Bissell. They responded to attacks left and right and I just prayed to the virgin marry and asked Karl "God Damm Saddist" Menzies to please stop making it hurt so much. Alas a break got away with Scottie and Richard in it the pace became civilized and then in the end in an effort to help Richie... and I say effort because I think that I actually cost him a few places ... managed to stay up there and finish in 18th place (hence the 5 NRC points)

The next day at Roswell things went a little better for me personaly. My legs felt better and I was at least able to respond to some moves. And when I say respond I mean jump on the wheels and stay there. I think once I went with a dude from Health Net and you could tell that he saw a Bissell guy come up and just decided to wait since two is better than one and then I got up to him and kind of pulled through like a little girl and he was very confused. Hey buddy, not all of us are full time "pro" bike racers. So a break finally gets away with Teddy King in it and it laps the field so the race wasn't so bad. In the end I let a gap open on the backside as Toyota was leading it out and rolled accross the line in 24th place. Teddy was 4th so that was good but we didn't win.

For a moment there I was kidding myself thinking that I was a good crit rider but the reality of it is that I can just get myself in the right position most of the time and this weekend it wasn't one of those times. I am hoping that taking a week off might have hurt my supless (as the french say) a little bit and that Joe Martin will be different. I mean Bill Elliston beat me on Sunday for christ's sake. Is there nothing sacred anymore.

Now I am working hard three days of sales calls back with my man Jason. Hi Steve I miss you too (inside joke).

Another update with pictures soon. Thanks for reading the blabbing but its late and I need to go to sleep.