Saturday, May 10, 2008

Joe Martin

Today was day 3 of Joe Martin and I finally had a good day...sort of. The team had a great day with my boy Teddy King popping a flyer with one K to go and sticking it. Here is a play by play of that. Way to go Teddy T. We'll have to have a glass of celebratory bubly this evening.

The first day of Joe Martin was a 2.5 Km uphill Time Trial. I didn't do so well. I rode it as hard as I could but I just couldn't get into a hard rhythm. Of course having Alejandro Borajo start 30 seconds behind me helped me keep moving. He never caught me. But he came close.

The second stage was 110 Miles with one major climb of 9 miles and a few minor climbs. The climb wasn't too steep but it stung the legs. From the base there were attacks and I managed to hang in there getting dropped once and then working my way back up on Dan Zmolick's wheel. The New York boys try to stick together. It's almost like a park race here. Lohner is here with Zmolick, Eugene and Nick from Mengoni. Of course we will miss Bear Mountain this Sunday which sucks but that's the price you pay. Anyways back on the ranch. Once over the climb the race stayed fast and after taking Teddy into one of the last corners I popped the shoot and rolled in the last K with Emile Abraham from Team Type 1. Somehow I lost 2seconds to Emile eventhough we were together.

Today's stage was 92 miles with 3 circuits and some more climbing. Nothing too long but up and down with two stingers in there. I felt good from the beginning and followed a few moves in the beginning and then once the break stuck just settled in and spun to keep the legs good for the sprint. The team told me this morning that I could do what I wanted today since it was a good finish for me so I tried to conserve. Here is our team director Mark coming up with that important decision. Anytime anything dangerous split I tried to be in it and in the last lap it went balistic for a moment. Right after I had covered a move from Colavita the climbs were coming and luckily for me Teddy King was there with a helping hand (literarly) at just the right moment. Coming into the sprint I got on the right wheel then Teddy popped it so I think that eventhough I was in the Top 20 or so I already had my hands raised well before the line celebrating Teddy's win.

And then it happened. In my haste I went up to Teddy and was about to give the guy a big kiss when my handlebars got tangled on his and I went down hard. I lost consicousness for a few seconds but when I came to I was more embarassed than anything. I am OK but now have two large bruises on my face, both hands and knees. Anyways tomorrow is a killer crit so let's see if we can repeat and stay on the bike both before and after the line. Thank you Tweetie for the great shots and for keeping my bike sort of clean.