Friday, May 9, 2008

Come on donate you cheap bastards

OK so I have raised $1,000 dollars to date in prize money for Camp Twin lakes (see side bar) and a month or so ago I called upon my friends and supporters to try and do some matching so that we can help more kids with serious illnesses enjoy the outdoors and experience the joy of childhood. To date nothing. Bubkas. Now I know there are folks reading this blog - about 200 per day to be exact and some of you may even have jobs. So break out those check books and make some tax deductible donations before I come to your house on saturday morning looking for a check. You can donate here or if you prefer to do it by mail or phone you can find information here Don't forget to e-mail me so that I can add to the taly and give you your proper credit.

Here is more information on what Camp Twin Lakes is and what they do.
And what they do is make an increcible difference in the lives of kids.