Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sea Otter

It seems that most of my posts are coming out of airports these days. There is a new rule at home that I can't go on the internet in the evening after training so no blogging from home, and I can't blog from work to be fair so it seems that when I get a few minutes its always at airports. Right now I am waiting to board a flight back to New York from San Francisco after Sea Otter. It was nice to get a call up to the line - amazing what $20 bucks can still buy you The race was super windy and the pace was blistering fast from the start. By the halfway point in the race it was game over and unfortunately I got caught in the back half of the split along with two teammates (Graham Howard and Burke Swindelhurst). Luckily for us one of our guys made the front split (Morgan Schmitt) and he ended up finishing in 16th place. I was feeling good up the climb but was having a real hard time entering the climb in the top 15 or so which is where I should have been most of the time. The cross winds were insane and it was gutter all the way up. I didn't have my SRM on so I don't know what kind of power I was doing but it had to be a lot because I was climbing in the 19 on most laps. The race was 31 laps of the laguna seca course with 325 feet of climbing per lap. The winning break with 3 guys from successfull living went in the first 5 laps and Rock Racing had Clinger in it so it was up to the other teams who had full squads there to chase. Health-Net and Colavita weren't able to bring it back and everybody was pretty soon left racing for 5th. Last year I didn't manage to finish so in a way I am happy that I got to the line although dissapointed at the same time since this race was very important for me. I had a lot of friends and colleagues watching me and cheering for me and I wanted to make them proud. So I will have to settle for 28th place. Yes I sprinted for 27th place. Thanks to Thomas Prehn and Lyn Lamauroux for the pictures. The good news is that the legs are pretty good there is good progress and I am looking forward to the onslaught in my calendar in May and June.

Last week I did a local race in New Jersey called the PNC Classic. It was a nice course with a little hill. I was able to get into a break a little before the halfway point with 2 guys from Rite Aid, 2 from Empire and 2 from Batley Harley Davidson. I worked hard in the break to make sure I got to the end tired. I still wanted to win but one of the guys from Batley was smart and attacked from behind on the last time up the climb and I didn't want to be the one to bring him back. I gambled and lost and could only come in 5th out of 7. Oh well.

Next race will be next weekend in Prospect Park and I'm looking forward to that especially since I'll be home with Liam and Tiiu for the weekend which is a nice change for the both of us. I'll try to post pictures from Sea Otter as soon as I get some. Gotta go now zone 7 is boarding. Luckily I got the upgrade. Woof.