Sunday, March 16, 2008

Visalia Criterium - Sequoia Classic

Today's criterium went better in terms of place than yesterday's Time Trial but ironic enough I didn't feel much better. I had absolutely no snap in my legs and while covering the few moves that I managed to cover (and trust me they weren't many) I was barely hanging on to the wheels and thankful each time we were quickly brought back, surely helped by the fact that I couldn't really pull through. The criterium was fast (46Km/H Average Speed) and long 50 miles. At 71 laps and 6 turns per lap I almost got dizzy. Coming into the last 10 laps I moved to the front and took position within the first 10 riders. Ben was up there as well and since I didn't really have any speed in my legs it was best to sweep his wheel and make sure notbody got on it which I was happy to do. Ben came 4th out of the last thurn and I came 5th and while Ben managed to hold on to 4th I got pipped close to the line by Karl Menzies. I suppose if you're going to get pipped at the line by somebody Menzies isn't a bad one to loose to. I finished in 6th place and in the overall 99 Series in 3rd place believe it or not. Still not sure how that happened but Ben won teh overall, Borajo from Colavita was second and I was third. It was a good weekend for Bissell and my friends at Colavita. Tomorrow its a full day of meetings in LA and then a red-eye to New York.