Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It must be a slow week in cycling news

since for some reason there were two articles written about me this week. I'm especially excited about one in a Portuguese cycling website which you can see but probably not understand here. The second one was a real surprise since I do remember speaking to Lyne from roadbikereview.com at camp a few weeks back but didn't really think she was going to do something just on me. Well here is that one.

I finally installed goodgle analytics. Thanks Adam Rotberg for your help on that and I was a little surprised by seeing how many people are coming to the site. I was prompted to install it since a few weeks ago at a meeting in Detroit one of our clients from Saab whom I hadn't met before said he read my blog. What do you mean you read my blog I asked? Apparently he found it on google and it kind of made me wonder who else outside of my father, mother, wife (now reading it since I bug her about it), Brawley in Chicago, Wootton in LA and Tom Cromie was reading the blog. Apparently there is a whopping 100-200 of you out there on a daily basis. Would love to know who you are and please either e-mail me joao.correia@rodale.com or post what you would like to read on the blog since I am always lost for what topics people will actually find interesting. But remember it has to be relevant to me since the blog is about me and no more of this back on forth on the posts about other things or people like Cromie and Chodroff did a few weeks back.