Saturday, March 15, 2008

Exeter Time Trial - Sequoia Classic

The good news is that Ben-Jacques Maynes won. The bad news is that I was really awful today. Here's the sad part. I didn't think I was so awful. That's when you know your in trouble. Even you don't realize you suck. I ended up finishing in 21st place missing the money by one place just to add insult to injury. Ben killed it beating second place Rory Sutherland of Health Net by 49 seconds. Into me he put 4:30 (that's four minutes and thirty seconds). That's enough time for him to literaly have a cup of coffe AND a muffin. I had three other teammates here. Scott Zwizanski was 7th and passed me (one of two who did). Now its not that I minded Scottie passing me, he's a good Time Trialer and all but he didn't even say hi when he did it. That hurt. Aaron Olson was 19th and he didn't feel all that good either. Aaron and I rode the course this morning and it was a beauteful ride. I am glad that we did that since I don't remember seeing it all during the race. If you guys are ever looking for a great place to ride try Exeter, California. I will upload pictures as soon as I get them. There were at least 5 photographers out there and I grinced each time I passed one so they should be pretty good.

On a seperate note you will see that Kirsten Armstrong won the women's race. By a wooping 4:17. This was an NRC race for the women's field and it was a great field. It's nice to see women's cycling getting the respect it deserves.