Sunday, February 3, 2008

No camera again

OK I confess. I forgot the camera. Some of you have e-mailed me asking for photos but unfortunately I don't have a camera. I promise to try and get some photos to show you of the team training. For now below is my team card. That's all I could get. The good news is that my wife won't yell at me since the last time I went somewhere by myself I brought the camera and she couldn't take any pictures of Liam when her parents are in town. Today was an easy ride day. We had some press here in the morning and Sandy Nicholls from GITA also came to make sure the bikes, shoes and clothing are all good and to see what else the boys needed. Everybody is super psyched about riding the Pinarello Prince this year and the general consensus amongst the team is that were on the best bike in the US Pro peloton. I didn't feel too hot today and after riding two and a half hours with Sandy and a few of the guys I got on my race bike and rode with Ben Jacques-Maynes while he was riding his FM1 TT bike. He basically rode me off his wheel so that didn't feel too good. My legs were just empty for most of the ride and I felt a real lack of strength. Considering that up to now we haven't done anything that's too hard this isn't a good sign but I am keeping my spirits up and the pedals turning. Now whose going to give me the play by play of Gimbles this weekend?