Sunday, January 27, 2008

I miss California and I'm freezing my nuts off in NYC

So last week I'm riding in Santa Rosa in leg warmers and a long sleeve jersey and thinking "man it isn't that warm". Yesterday I was riding out of Brooklyn (in da house) and wearing a long sleeve base layer, long sleeve jersey, sleeveless jersey, thermal jacket and a wind jacket. I'm talking about a high of 28. And to make matters worst it was overcast. My question is what happened to all of this talk about global warming? I mean didn't some guy just win a Nobel prize because he was scaring the crap out of people with something about global warming? I don't see it.

I set out of New York City with the Empire Crew and some of my juniors. Karl Rahn and I hadn't ridden together for a while so we decided to ride out of the city instead of me going to Gimbles (sin number one). He brings Mike "the tool" Margarite and Mike Sherry and I brought Lewis Almonte and Pascual Caputi from the CRCA Junior Development Team. We get out of the city and everybody's cold but generally happy. I had told Karl that this wasn't going to be a hammer fest (so leave John Lohner at home) but it wasn't going to be a Basil "12 MPH" Moutsopolis ride either candy ass. Anyways back to the ranch. We cross the bridge and had gotten the pleasantries out of the way and are riding towards the diner when all of a sudden we make a right to 9W. I asked where the hell are we going? Uh 9W. What the hell do you mean 9W. It's freezing and were just going to ride up 9W in a straight line with cards buzzing by? I asked Karl but he basically gave me his normal answer "I dunno" and Molloy wasn't even there. Mike didn't say anything so basically I've got Mike running the show and heading to 9W. Fantastic. So I turned around and did 501. Hey Karl thanks for the ride you pin head. Next time I'm just going to Gimbles. Serves me right for missing the ride.

The kids and I rolled up at a nice pace and stopped at the Nyack muffin shop to grab some water since our's was frozen. A high school girl named Gaby was doing her class project on different people who came into the shop and why they did what they did "like ride bikes in sub 30 weather" and she snapped our picture. That's the picture above with me Lewis and Pascual.

Today I took the kids out again up to Bear Mountain followed by dinner at my parents house. I swear that Pascual doesn't eat anywhere else outside of my parent’s house because each time he comes over my mother has to shop for extra groceries. The weather was a little better but it was still cold as hell especially on the downhill down from the climb. The goal was to do a bunch of 20-minute efforts on the climb off of 9W (no I didn't ride 9W there) but after 4 miles there was snow on the ground and instead we just did a bunch of 15-minute efforts. The decent was brutal and I am sure I aged 10 years today. I don't think I've been that cold in a while. But the good news is that the legs are feeling pretty good and camp starts at the end of the week so wish me luck and let's hope I don't embarrass myself against the real pro's. I'll update the blog more often once I'm at camp since I'm taking vacation to do it. Some of you have commented that I need to update this a little more often but I can't have the boss thinking that all I do is blog and ride my bike. The bike-racing thing is just a hobby and it doesn't pay the bills. It sure as hell been a lot of fun so far though.

Oh one more thing. The Missus and I are out to dinner at my uncles place (Aquario in West Harrison) last night and she asks so your team is Bissell and you guys were ranked number 3 last year? How come you didn't mention that before? I was perplexed since I haven't exactly been trying to hide it from her and did mention it. It occurred to me then that its not only me that hears "blah blah blah, blah blah blah" when she talks. Apparently she does the same to me. Go figure. Anyways I just told her "eh you may not know this but I'm kind of a big deal" :)