Sunday, November 4, 2007

A New Season Starts

Salt Lake City might as well be my second home. I went there so much this year to test and see Max and Nanna that my wife is suggesting that I rent an apartment out there. I've been hitching for the transition period to come to an end so that I could start the work of the new season. Officially that starts on November 1st. Max had told me not to come in late October since he could still give me the plans until late December before my first tests. But like an addict I couldn't stay away from the torture machine. I had a friend of mine Ricardo Martins (Ceramica Flaminia) who is the current Portuguese national time trial champion fly in so that I could have an excuse to "take him" to Sal Lake City. We had two days of tests including a lactate and Vo2Max test the first day and a Vo2Max test with a new machine TOSH has acquired on the second day. The lactate test went pretty well. Max stopped the test at 340 Watts so that we still had something for the Vo2Max test. My results were better than my best tests of the year so I was happy about that. The Vo2Max test showed an improvement of 120 Watts over my tests a year ago and a Vo2Max of 70 which isn't too bad but not great either. The second day we did another Vo2Max Test and I could only go to 420 Watts while Ricardo went to 580. You could smell the rubber of the tire when he was doing it and although Max stopped the test, Ricardo says he could have gone to 610. Wow. We also spent a lot of time with Nanna and Ricardo did an RMR test and all of the necessary nutrition meetings. Although with a body fat of 4.7% he doesn't exactly have to worry about being overweight. And yes I finally made it under 8% for the first time in probably 11 years. Yes nothing like a low body fat to make a girl feel good about herself. My poor wife just rolls her eyes when I step on the scale and ask her if my ass looks fat.