Friday, November 23, 2007

2008 Season Dedicated to Saul Raisin - All Prize Money Donated to Camp Twin Lakes

Yesterday I spoke Saul and he told me the news that he wasn't going to be able to return to racing. He received the news from Roger Legeay the Director Sportif of his Crédit Agricole team. Knowing Saul for a little less than a year I have always been amazed at how positive he is despite the difficult circumstances both him and his family have faced since his accident in April 2006. Although to realize that he won't be able to continue to fulfill his dream of being a professional cyclist is difficult, Saul realizes that there are many new opportunities in front of him and he is optimistic about his future. He is especially looking forward to his upcoming wedding to Aleeza. As difficult as it is to hear the disappointment in his voice, we are all happy for the incredible comeback he has made and how fortunate he is for being able to lead a normal life again after such a terrible accident. As Saul exits the professional peloton and I enter it for the second time it’s to him that I dedicate this upcoming season. All of the prize money that I make in 2008 will be donated to Camp Twin Lakes, one of Saul's favorite charities on his behalf. Above and below are pictures of Saul in New York City this past winter.