Sunday, July 1, 2007

Nationals Road Race

Less than 24 hours of rest after a TT isn't the ideal but at least 20 of us are in the same boat. The time trial went ok but not great. But finishing within a little over a minute off of 5th gives me some hope that I can crack the top 5 next year. The road race course is super hard with a 2 Km climb and a bunch of false flats that really kill the legs. The race was 175 Km in 6 laps. I managed to last 4 laps before getting popped and dropping out one lap later. I didn't feel bad but a look at my power file showed that I wasn't hitting the numbers that I normally hit either. A few people recognized me from the days I was racing here and most that did couldn't believe that I was crazy enough to try and come back. But I am. By the time I got dropped a lot of guys had already been dropped so I don't feel terrible about it. Although it is humbling to know that when the racing really started I was gone. It was a good experience and there is a reason why these guys are pros. Next year I'll do better. Hopefully with another year in my legs I'll be a little more competitive or just competitive would be nice.