Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Valley of the Sun - First Race

So I decided to come out and race Valley of the Sun to see if I could get the season kick started. The first day was a Time Trial where I got passed by 3 guys. Not a great way to start but its understood. Max told me to keep it at 300 Watts for the TT and that's what I did. The second day was the Road Race and it was a rude awakening. High winds made the echelons difficult and I didn't have the power to stay in them. I could see what I needed to do but my body juts didn't have it in me. I got popped up the first climb and managed to come back but on
the second of 4 laps I was dropped for good. Still tried to stay in there with one other guy (see picture) but we were getting thrown all over with the wind. When I stopped the poor guy looked like he was going to cry. I was leaving him out there by himself. Since I didn't finish the road race I can't start the criterium tomorrow. Not exactly how I had imagined the season would start but its a start nonetheless.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Training Trip to Portugal

I took advantage of my good friend David Cathcart's trip to Portugal to do a few days of training and see some old cycling buddies. Most notably Joaquim Andrade - Fercase Rota dos Moveis, who along with former Once and Discovery rider Jose Azevedo, I befriended during the Volta ao Algarve in 1994. Andrade is a TT specialist and one of the senior members of the Portuguese peloton. Along with Bartot-Torrie rider Carlos Pinho and the old pro Fernando Mota we enjoyed a nice 3 hour ride around the Pombal area where Mota lives. Incredible roads to train on and Mota is starting training camps in this area. After the ride I drove to Algarve to meet David where he was on behalf of Saris-Cycleops at the Predictor-Lotto training camp. We did some riding together including getting lost on one occasion meaning a 5 hour ride where poor David almost killed me. Ah the bond between buddies on those 5 hour rides where you bonk.